Naming your recordings is a great way to keep track of your sessions on Riverside. Whether it be for your personal records, for collaboration with peers, or just to be organized.

At Riverside, we name each recording track a "take". Takes are visible on your dashboard under the studio it was recorded in (Image a - Take name circled in blue and file name circled in red).

Image a

Each take will contain a file that is your individual recording. For the sake of trouble shooting and support, each file is titled after the name typed in the dialog box before entering the studio (Image b - This name will be the file name for this scenario).

Image b

So, let's get into how to name your takes. This is achieved on the recording studio dashboard by navigating to the recording panel on the right of the dashboard (Image c- the take will by default be named "Untitled Recording")

Image c

Double clicking on "Untitled Recording" will allow you to rename the take. In this case we will name our take "Riverside" (Image d).

Image d

Once completed, this is how your take and file name will appear on your dashboard (Image e - Take name in blue and file name in red).

Image e

You can also rename your take by double clicking on the take name on your dashboard (image f).

Image f

And that is how you name your takes and your files on Riverside. We hope you have found this information useful.

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