We at Riverside understand that creators and hosts often collaborate with producers and engineers to put out the best version of their recordings. To streamline this process we have a handy Share Recordings button that - you guessed it - will generate a link that allows collaborators to access the recordings from that studio for post production.

To start the process, navigate to the studio that contains the recordings you would like to share.

Once here, click on the link icon on the top right of the screen

This will generate a link which can be shared with a collaborator.

Here is what your collaborator will see when they click that link:

Collaborators who click on the link will have access to all the recordings in that studio, but will not have the ability to record. They simply have the ability to download your recordings. This link does not need to be resent every time you add/delete/rename a recording. The dashboard will be automatically updated for the person you share the link with.

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