There are instances when you are recording your session and you can barely hear your guest. This could be because the gain on their microphone could be low and they don't realize it. A great indicator of this is to check the audio levels on your Riverside recording studio dashboard (see image below). If the levels are in the red or barely being picked up, then you need to adjust the gain settings on the local device.

Image a: These audio levels indicate the volume of the guest and are located on the right of your recording studio dashboard as indicated in "image b" below.

Image b

Here is how the gain can be adjusted on the participants device.

To change the level of the actual recording, one would have to adjust the gain level on their audio interface/USB microphone/from their computers system preferences.

(On a Mac)

  1. Open System Preferences.

  2. Select Sound.

  3. Click 'Input' at the top of the window.

  4. Adjust the slider next to 'input volume' accordingly.

(on Windows)

  1. Select Start

  2. Then select Settings > System > Sound .

  3. In Input, ensure your microphone is selected under "Choose your input device".

  4. Then select Device Properties.

  5. On the Levels tab of the Microphone Properties window, adjust the Microphone and Microphone Boost sliders as needed, then select OK).

(For iPhone)

  1. Tap "Settings" and "Sounds" on your iPhone.

  2. Slide the "Change With Buttons" slider to the "On" position.

  3. Press the "+" button on the side of the iPhone to increase the overall system volume including the mic volume. Press the "-" button to lower the volume. This affects the volume of the microphone as well.

To adjust the levels of a participant's volume mid-meeting (headphone volume only) the host/producer(s) can click the fader under any participant's name in the 'Participants' window (see image b).

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