Note: this article will help you set up a RTMP livestream of your Riverside recording session on Facebook. For information regarding Facebook livestream features (rewind capabilities, Facebook audience visibility, stream latency, etc), please consult Facebook's support pages.

Setting Up Your Stream

To stream to Facebook, you will first need to setup your stream on Facebook.

To do this, click on Live Video

On the next page, you can select Use Stream Key in the Get Started tab. Here you can retrieve the Server URL (Stream URL in Riverside) and Stream Key.

Once selected, copy and paste both the Server URL and the Stream Key into the Facebook slot in Riverside. Make sure to leave the toggle is enabled.

Starting Your Livestream

You are now ready to start your livestream! You will need to click Start Recording in your Riverside studio to stream from Facebook.

If everything has been setup correctly, you should now see the stream video in the preview in the bottom right corner of your Facebook stream page.

Lastly, click Go Live on the Facebook stream page!

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