The Media Board accepts audio and video files uploaded from users directly while in the studio, and it will save those for future sessions.

There are two main ways to upload files to the Board:

  1. Click the ➕ button to open a dialog to select file/s from your computer

  2. Drag & drop the file(s) directly into the Media Board

Supported files

  • Audio files supported by your chrome browser (for example wav, mp3, ogg, etc.)

    • Audio codecs supported: AAC, MPEG, OPUS, etc.

  • Video files supported by your browser (for example webm, mp4, mpeg, etc.)

    • Video codecs supported: H264, VP8, H265, VP9, etc.

    • Maximum resolution is 720p at 30fps (1280x720)

  • Maximum file size is 100 Mb for both audio and video.

*Please note the Media Board is currently in beta and only accessible by the host

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