Recording Type

Select whether to record audio and video, or audio only. When recording audio only, you will still be able to see the guests when recording!

Recording Resolution

This indicates the highest resolution that you will allow users to be recorded at

Please note that the recording is limited by what the camera is able to output. For example, Mac FaceTime built in cameras are 720p cameras and will not be able to record in 1080p regardless of what the studio is set to

Separate Backup Recordings

Enabling this option will produce separate internet backups of all users in addition to your composed internet backup

Audio Sample Rate

Choose between 44.1 kHz or 48 kHz audio files

Noise Suppression

This option will remove background noises such as AC fans, heaters, and other ambient sounds. We only recommend enabling this if there is a specific need as this can potentially degrade audio quality if enabled unnecessarily

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