Studio Info

Studio Name

Rename your studio after it has been created. (This will not change any of your invite links)


Studio Type

Limit the access to the studio by choosing whether the studio is Private or Public

  • Private: Only the host and users with invited as guest or producers can join the studio

  • Public: Anyone with an audience member link can view the recording

(For information regarding guest, producers, and audience members, check out our User Roles article)

Waiting Room

Enable or disable the waiting room. With the waiting room enabled, guests will need to be accepted into the studio by the host or a producer

Schedule and Invite Guests


To better organize your Dashboard, you can schedule recording times for your studio sessions. Currently, you can schedule one time per studio.

Invite Participants

Send guest an email invite to your studio session as a guest, producer, or audience member. They will receive a link to the studio and best practice instructions for recording when using Riverside.

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