Magic Editor is an intuitive Riverside FM feature that will allow you to edit your content quickly. In just a few steps, you can take you captured audio & video recordings and turn them into fully polished final products!

(Please be aware that this feature is currently in beta as we work on improving it)

To get started, access Magic Editor in your Recordings page on your Dashboard

There are 5 main sections to the Magic Edit:

1. Add Media - select the files you wish to process

2. Audio - add desired processing to audio files to improve overall quality

3. Video - customize you video content to better suit your needs

4. Customize - add a logo and frame to your video to give it the finishing touches

5. Export - Finish up by selecting your File Name and Export Quality

Now you are ready to export your finished product. With Magic Editor, you are able to create a streamlined episode in just a few clicks!

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