With just a few clicks, you can use Riverside's built-in Editor to open your recording and create a polished final video of your session or cut short excerpts from it.

An overview of the Editor's primary functions is below:

  1. Trim
    Drag the boundaries on the timeline to change the start and endpoint of your video. Use this to create shorter highlights or remove extra chatter from around the core of the recording.

  2. Customize
    Use these options to rearrange the layout of the participants’ video tracks, change a clip's aspect ratio, add a background graphic, or add a custom logo.

  3. Export
    Click Export to have Riverside prepare the video file for download.

    You can change the video resolution or add optional sound processing like normalizing audio or removing background noise. When the clip is done exporting, download it from the session's Recordings page.

  4. Clip Properties
    Click the three dots [...] to rename, duplicate, or delete the clip.

  5. Create New Clip and Open Other Clips
    Click the Plus button to create a new clip from the same recording session. Open other clips by clicking on their thumbnail images.

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