As a host or producer, you want to know if anything will be affecting your ability to record and upload HD audio and video. Even if you tell a guest to use a Chrome browser on a laptop or desktop, they still might join with something unsupported.

Please ensure you've allowed Chrome to send you notifications. You can do this by clicking the lock icon at the top left of your browser:

You'll now be alerted when a participant is using an unsupported browser, unsupported device, running out of storage, or any other error that will cause a recording to fail.

Unsupported Browsers/Devices

Guests joining in a browser other than Chrome will first see an error message such as this when they click the invite link to enter the Green Room:

A guest can also tell they aren't in a supported device or browser if they see this message upon entering the studio:

When a user is on an unsupported device or browser, they will not be recorded locally, if at all.

Notice how the guest on Safari doesn't have the red light next to their name (screenshot is taken from the host/producer's view of the Participant's Window):

To ensure a user is recorded locally, make sure they are using

a supported browser AND supported device:

an up-to-date Google Chrome browser on a laptop or desktop.

Storage Errors

You might be in the middle of a recording and see a message like this

(screenshot is taken from the host/producer's view of the Participant's Window):

The mentioned backup recording is a .webm file that will show up in their downloads folder or desktop.

That .webm file contains the part of their recording that their device didn't have room to upload.

The .webm files that had downloaded to their computer can be converted to MP4 and WAV files using an application called Handbrake.
This article outlines the steps needed to do so.

To prevent storage errors, make sure that all participants:

  • Have 5GB of space on their local hard drives

  • Are NOT using Chrome in an incognito window

"Please enter a name that contains only English letters and/or numbers"

The file structure on our servers seems to be negatively affected when a name has a special character, so as a temporary safeguard we will ask participants to join without them in their name. is an international company and we respect and understand the desire to be as true as possible to all participants' names. We hope to apply a fix for this as soon as possible.

Other than unaccented numbers/letters, you will be able to use the minus/dash sign "-", or the underscore "_" in your participant name.

If you have any questions about these or any other error messages in your studio, please contact our team of Support Specialists.

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