You may be wondering about the difference between the MP4 video and the Constant Frame Rate MP4 video:

  • MP4: This is a locally recorded, high-quality MP4 video file with audio. This is a variable frame rate file straight from the camera.

  • Constant Frame Rate (CFR) MP4: This is a locally recorded, high-quality MP4 file that is locked at 24 frames per second. These files may also include empty space at the beginning to correct for any time alignment if needed. The quality of these files is the same as the HD Audio file (WAV) and HD Video file (MP4).

Why use a Constant Frame Rate MP4?

The Constant Frame Rate (CFR) files are adjusted to stay synchronized with the other CFR tracks from your recording when you use editing software. If you are combining the high-quality local recordings from multiple participants in your own editing software, the CFR files help you create a polished final video.

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