If you are using an audio mixer to record with Riverside, please use a Mix-Minus setting to limit echo and audio feedback. Mix-minus ensures that the audio you record (sent from your mixer to your computer via USB) does not also include the sound signal that the Studio outputs (from your computer to the mixer).

Mix-Minus Using a Rodecaster Pro

Enable Mix-Minus in your Rodecaster's settings. This feature limit feedback and echos in your recording.

In version 2.1 of the Rodecaster's firmware, the option is in Settings > Advanced > Audio > Processing. Then tap the toggle next to USB Mix-minus to turn it on.


On the Rodecaster, it is also important to select the Rodecaster Pro Stereo input and NOT the Rodecaster Pro Multichannel input.

More information is on Rode's site: Livestreaming with the Rodecaster Pro > Set up Communication Apps.

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