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Retrieving Your Recordings

Manage Your Account

Welcome to the new dashboard! 🎉

We are very excited to share what we have been working on, and introduce you to the new workflow.

Here is a brief video overview as well as a writeup:

Creating a Podcast/Show

You can start by clicking "Create a new show" from the dashboard. This will bring you to the setup page.

Here you can enter the name of the show, select settings for the recording, and invite guests.

Clicking on "Schedule" will allow you to schedule a date and time that you would like the recording to take place. This step is optional.

You can invite participants straight from the show setup page. You can also see a brief overview of each of the roles that can be assigned. For more details on different roles, you can see our article here.

Once your settings are dialed in, you can create your show and invites will be sent out! Show settings and recording date/time can be adjusted later.

Retrieving Your Recordings


Once you have created some recordings, you can retrieve them from the dashboard.

Clicking on "View all recordings" will take you to the downloads section for this show.

Here you can see all the different files that are available, organized by each take. In this example, we had 1 user make 3 different recordings in this show.

You can rename each take by selecting the take name, (Recording 4 for example on the most recent take) and typing in a title. This could be "Day 1", "Take 6", "3/6/21", or however you would like to organize.

Takes can also be named from within the studio here:


To download the files, navigate to the download button. This will give you a few options of different file types to download.

Clicking the button will give you access to the raw local tracks, and the constant frame rate MP4.

Clicking the 3 dots will give you access to the mp3 track and the option to delete the recording from this menu.

To access the internet, or composed files, click on the "Download Internet Recordings" button. This will give you access to the composed files as well as the separate backups for each user.

You can learn more about the different file types here.


You can also share your recordings with other users by clicking the "Share Recordings" button. This will generate a link that you can easily use to share files straight from Riverside.

Manage Your Account

Not sure how many hours you've recorded this month? You can now see this value straight from the dashboard.

Clicking on "Account Settings" in the dropdown menu on the right of the screen will also give you some additional options such as changing the name on your account, and adding an avatar.

You can also update your billing information, retrieve invoices, and cancel your account from the "Subscription" tab on the left.

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