Here are some tips that you can take advantage of to ensure the best possible results when recording. 🎙

Use headphones!

Headphones are the single most important recommendation we can make when it comes to recording. Headphones not only allow you to hear more clearly, but also keep your environment quiet. This will eliminate any feedback or echoes. Without headphones, noise will be played out of your speakers and picked up by your microphone. This is called “audio bleed”. Wearing headphones will avoid this, and will make your audio much clearer.

Find a quiet room to record in

You could have the most expensive microphone around, but if you are in a noisy room, you will have poor audio quality. Finding a quiet room to record in can be a night and day difference, even if you are using a built in microphone. Turning off AC units, fans, or heaters that make ambient noise can be very helpful in lowering your noise floor. Though this may sound silly at first, your closet is actually the perfect recording environment for audio. There will not be people walking around and talking in the background, (hopefully) and your clothes do an excellent job at absorbing sound and reflections.

Close all extraneous tabs and applications

Recording can be very taxing on your system. In order to get the highest quality recordings possible, we recommend that you close all tabs and applications that are not completely necessary for your recording. This will allow your computer to perform to the best of its ability and allocate all of its processing to both your microphone and camera. Additionally, this may improve your internet connection by giving Riverside a majority of your internet bandwidth.

Find good light

Good lighting is very important when trying to achieve a high quality video recording. Being in a low light environment can introduce noise or grain into your video. Bright defused light will drastically improve the quality of your recording. This can be done by sitting closer to a window, or setting up a lamp near by. Try to avoid harsh direct light, and shadows.

Restart your computer

Though this may sound rudimentary, restarting your computer restores everything into a normalized state and eliminates any underlying issues that may not be noticeable to the user. This can avoid errors and poor computer performance.

Invest in a camera and microphone

Though built-in webcams and microphones are convenient, you can achieve a much higher quality recording with external devices. A 720p or 1080p webcam and a USB microphone are a great first step, and will drastically improve your production value. Both webcams and USB microphones can be plugged into your computer and setup in minutes.

If you are looking to take your production one step further, consider a 4k webcam or DSLR camera and a XLR microphone with an audio interface. If streaming is your thing, think about adding an audio mixer for sound effects and intro music!

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