Please make sure you are on a desktop or laptop computer and in a Google Chrome browser.

Your host should have shared a link with you to join the session. Once you have gone to that link, you will be in the Green Room.

If this is your first time on the site, you may need to request permissions. To do this, simply press "Request Camera Permissions".

This will prompt a popup to occur, asking if Riverside can access your microphone and camera. Select "Allow".

Now that Riverside has access to your microphone and camera, you can setup your audio and video settings before joining the session.

Once your settings are dialed in, you can enter your name and select whether you are wearing headphones or not. We highly recommend wearing headphones as this will improve audio quality, and reduce any potential feedback or echo (plus it will make your host happy 😁).

You're all set!

Enjoy your recording and be sure to confirm with your host that your upload has completed prior to leaving.

If you would like to review best recording practices, click here.

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