If an audience member wants to call-in during a recording, they'll click the "Start Live Call In" button at the bottom of their screen:

The audience member will then select what camera/mic they'll want to use:

The audience member can then enter their name and type a question they want to ask/what they want to call in about:

The audience member will click "start live call" then the host will see a pop-up containing the audience member's name and typed question, the host can accept or deny their request to call in (the below picture is the host or producer's view):

After the host accepts the call-in request, the audience member will be in the meeting and even show up in the host's/producer's participants window (the below picture is the host or producer's view):

When the audience member is done calling in, the host can disconnect them from the call by clicking the ellipses next to the audience member's name (the below picture is the host or producer's view):

If the audience member wants to hang up themselves, they would click the red phone icon at the bottom-right corner of their studio to either hang up the call and keep watching the session (End live call) or leave the meeting entirely (Leave call).

Leaving the call will get the same end result as the host disconnecting them from the call (the below picture is the audience member's view):

NOTE: Only 1 user is able to call in at a time. The user will have both audio and video, and be recorded locally, just like other guests.

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