There are 4 different roles that a user can be assigned. Host, Producer, Guest, and Audience.


There must be a host for every recording. However hosts can also join the studio as producers (more on this below). This user will decide when a recording starts and stops. They will also have full control over the session. Certain features like enabling echo cancellation, viewing mic levels, and selecting session settings will be available to this user. Hosts may also join as producers if they do not wish to be recorded.


This role is most likely how you want to invite users to your recording. Guests will be recorded, but have limited access to session settings and features. The UI is simplified, and focused on interacting with the other users.


The main advantage of being a producer is that the user is not recorded locally. This is ideal for users who may have valuable input during the recording, but whos audio and video is not needed in the final product. Producers will also have control over the session, similarly to the host.

Please note producers joining from outside of your account via an invite link (the ones that cannot be hosts) will not have the ability to stop and start recordings.

In order to join as a producer with the same abilities as the host, users will have to join as producers via the dashboard (see below)


Audience members are a unique role as they are not in the session itself, but rather watching from the outside. Audience members are able to watch the session as it is being recorded and call in live! To learn more about live call ins, click here.

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