Desktop and
laptop computers

Google Chrome
or Microsoft Edge browsers

Studio: All roles

Editor: All functions

iOS Devices

(iOS 14.0 or later)

Riverside iOS app

Studio: All roles

(Audience Live Call-In and text chat features not available)

Android Devices

(Android 5.0 or later)

Riverside Android app (beta)

Studio: Guest role only

(Text chat not available)

Computers: Chrome or Edge browser

Currently, Riverside supports desktops, laptops, and Surface devices using the latest version of Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser.

Best Practices for Recording on a Computer

Mobile Devices: Riverside iOS or Android app

iPhones and iPads are supported with the Riverside iOS app.

Android devices are supported with the Riverside Android app.

Best Practices for Recording on a Mobile Device


Chromebooks and other tablets are not yet supported.

Mobile browsers cannot be used to record (including Edge and Chrome).

If you are recording with an external microphone, check device compatibility with the app.

Recommended Internet Speed

Recording with Riverside is optimized for all internet speeds, although we recommend using a connection with an upload speed faster than 5 Mbps.


Test your internet speed here or run a pre-call diagnostic test.

Recommended Device Storage

We recommend having at least 5 GB of free space available on your device to store your locally-recorded, separated track in your temporary files as it uploads. If you will be recording for more than 1.5 hours at once, confirm that you have more space available.

Check how much storage space your browser can access.

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