All recordings are made available to the creator of the podcast once the recording and uploads are complete. You can find these files in the "Recordings" tab of your podcast.

There are two different main file types to choose from. "Local Recordings" and "Internet Recordings".

Local Recordings

The local separate tracks are the highest quality files due to being recorded locally. The video files can be up to 4k, 24 frames per second while the audio files can be 48khz, 16-bit. You will receive a separate audio and video tracks for each user. These files are ideal for editing!

WAV- Locally recorded WAV audio file

Synced WAV- These files may include some empty space at the beginning of the track to correct for any time alignment with other local tracks if needed

MP4- Locally recorded MP4 video file with audio. This is a variable frame rate file straight from the camera

Constant Frame Rate (CFR) MP4- Locally recorded MP4 file (or WAV if audio only) that is locked at 24 Frames Per Second. These files may also include empty space at the beginning to correct for any time alignment if needed. The quality of these files is the same as the HD Audio and Video files

MP3 backup- Backup MP3 audio file. Can be accessed by clicking on the 3 dots.

Internet Recordings

The Internet Recordings are internet based files that record what you see on the call. The quality of these files are determined by the internet speed of both the host and guests. These files are perfect if you do not plan on editing your recording, or would like a reference track.

Composed audio backup- WAV file that will include all users in the session on one track

Composed video backup- MP4 file that will include audio and video from all users in the session in one file. The users will be arranged in a gallery view.

Request individual internet tracks- This button will process the individual internet based MP4 files for each user that was in the session. This file will download as a zip folder as there may be many files included.

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