The most common reason for hearing echoes, or feedback, is due to users not wearing headphones. We highly recommend that all users wear headphones to reduce any potential feedback.

This occurs when the microphone captures audio being played out of the speakers.

Users will be prompted to select whether they are using headphones or not. If a user selects "I am not using headphones", echo cancellation will automatically be toggled on for this user.

Headphones are a great solution as they will shield the microphone from being exposed to any audio other than the user's voice. If headphones are not an option, we recommend enabling "Echo Cancellation". This will artificially prevent unwanted audio from being captured by the microphone through audio processing.

The host, or producers, can enable this per user in the Participant Menu within the studio as well.

For the highest possible quality audio, we recommend using headphones while enabling the "Noise Suppression" in the Studio Settings (see below).

NOTE: Headphones are not fool proof. If a user is wearing headphones and has their volume very loud, audio can still leak out and be captured by the microphone. This is called "Audio Bleed".

CAUTION: Plugging headphones directly into the microphone can potentially cause feedback. We do not recommend this.

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